Device & Accessories

  • Station P1 Pro X1
  • Type-C cable X1
  • WiFi antenna x 1
  • 12V-2A power adapter x 1
  • HDMI2.0 cable X1
  • remote control X1
  • Tool kit x 1(Allen wrench x 1, black pad x 4)


  • DC-12V:For power input
  • LAN:For network connection
  • HDMI2.0:For HDMI monitor and other output devices
  • TF Card:For TF card
  • USB-C/DP:For TypeC data communication or DP monitor output
  • USB3.0:For USB high-speed data transfer
  • USB2.0 :For USB data transfer
  • Audio: For audio output


  • Monitor Connection: Connect HDMI cable to HDMI port and monitor of Station P1 Pro
  • Power Connection:Connect 12V power adapter to DC-12V port of StationP1 pro, plug in and power on
  • Initial Settings:Finish initial settings via remote control, mouse or keyboard

After finishing initial settings, you can use Station OS.

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