For Station PC whose Bootloader function is enabled,users can use PC to flash system on Bootloader interface directly. This function is risky, please use it with caution.


  • Function intro

    • Download to Internal Storage——> Flash image from PC to eMMC

    • Download to M.2 SSD—————–> Flash image from PC to M.2 SSD

    • Download to SATA SSD—————> Flash image from PC to SATA SSD

    • Download to TF Card—————–> Flash image from PC to TF card

    • Download to USB Disk (Vendor)—> Flash image from PC to USB device

    • Download to Boot ROM————–> Flash bootloader image from PC to onboard ISP

  • How to use

    • Visit Downloads page to download image (EMMC version).

    • On Advanced Settings interface, select the position.

    • Refer to “ROM Flash” on Developer Zone to flash the image.