Station Links is an application based on Station’s open products, through Station interaction, realizes the link between users and products — A platform linking users, devices and forums.。

How to bind

  • Enter Control Center on the right bar.

  • Scan the QR code in Step 1 to download Station Links App/Scan the QR code to open Station Links mini program in WeChat .


  • Enter Station Links App/mini program.


  • Click “+” in the upper right, select “Bind”.


  • San the QR code in Step 2.


  • After binding, you can check out the information of your device in Station Links.


Remote Control

  • Method 1: Click control buttons in the Control area.


  • Method 2: Click the icon in the lower right to control.



Remote Download

  • Click “Remote Download”.


  • Click “+” in the upper right.


  • The magnet link can be automatically detected, click Confirm and Add.


  • Click OK to download.


  • Wait for downloading.


Post Topics

  • Click “+” in the upper right, select “Topic”.


  • Fill in and click Submit.