In this chapter, we will introduce how to make a TF card as a boot card. The system will be the one in the TF card when your device is powered on.


How to make a boot card

  • Step 1: Download EMMC firmware

    • Download EMMC firmware corresponding to your device in Downloads
  • Step 2: Flash firmware to TF card.

    • Insert the TF card into the card reader, and put the card reader into the USB port of the PC.
    • Open SD_Firmware_Tool, select the inserted removable drive.
    • Tick “SD Boot”.
    • Click “Firmware” and select the firmware you need to flash to TF card
    • Click “Create”.

  • Select “Yes” when this pop-up window appears.

  • Making a boot card is finished.

Boot the system

Insert your TF card into Station device’s TF card slot. Power up or restart your device and the new system is running.