Multi Boot is a function of Station OS to extend operating systems. With this function, you can easily install multiple operating systems on the Station PC and select different boot disk to boot the system. In this chapter, we will introduce how to enable this function.



How to use

  • Enter All Apps.


  • Select System Assistant.


  • There will be a popup for the first use, select “Yes” to proceed.


  • The bootloader image will be automatically matched, select “Write” to proceed.


  • Select “Yes”.


  • Wait for flashing. (Please do not restart or turn off during flashing.)


  • After flashing, select “Reboot”.


  • Bootloader interface will show after reboot. User can choose the boot disk to boot the according system.


  • Bootloader function is enabled.



Check out this video to finish setting.




FAQ of Bootloader

  • How to do if I fail to flash bootloader image online?
    You can flash bootloader image offline. Please refer to “How to Enable Bootloader through Offline Flashing?”

  • Mouse or remote control cannot be used on the Bootloader interface.
    This function only supports USB keyboard and official 2.4G remote control at present, and does not support hot swap. Please plug the corresponding input device into the USB2.0 interface and turn it on again, then the input device can be used normally.

  • How to disable this function?
    Method 1: Select “Erase” on OS Bootloader interface.
    Method 2: Enter “Advanced Settings” on Multi Boot interface, select “Clear Boot ROM” to disable this function.