On Station OS, besides playing Android games, you can also stream popular PC games. In this chapter, we will introduce how to use GeForce Experience and Moonlight to play high-quality PC games on Station.



  • PC (with NVIDIA GPU) X1
  • Station PC X1
  • Input devices (Gamepad/ Keyboard and mouse) X1



  • Step 1: Download and install software.

    • Enter All Apps-> Recommendation; install Moonlight.

    • Visit Nvidia Website on your PC, download and install GeForce Experience,then login.

  • Step 2: Add stream game through GeForce Experience.

    • Enter GeForce Experience, click Settings.

    • Select SHIELD.

    • Turn on GAMESTREAM.

    • Select “Add” to add PC game. (Only need this step to add games after this time)

  • Step 3: Run the game on Station PC.(Need to be in the same local network as the PC)

    • Open Moonlight.

    • Select your PC and mark the down the PIN.

    • Enter the PIN on the PC.

    • Back to Moonlight, the game is added.

    • Connect input device (gamepad/ keyboard and mouse) to play the game.



Check out the video to finish setting.