Device & Accessories

  • Station M1 x 1
  • 5V-2A adapter x 1
  • Type-C cable x 1
  • HDMI cable x 1


  • DCIN/OTG: For power input and OTG device
  • HDMI 2.0: For HDMI monitor and other output device
  • LAN : For network cable
  • Audio : For audio device
  • USB3.0 : For high-speed USB device
  • USB2.0 : For USB device
  • TF Card : For TF card


  • Monitor Connection: Utilize HDMI cable to connect monitor to Station M1
  • Power Connection:Connect 5V power adapter to DCIN port of Station M1, plug in and power on
  • Initial Settings:Utilize remote control, mouse & keyboard or other input devices to finish settings

After finishing initial settings, you can use Station OS.

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